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1. 氢吗啡酮在急慢性疼痛中应用的系统评价点击下载
A Systematic Review of Hydromorphone in Acute and Chronic Pain
Columba Quigley,et al. (Vol. 25 No. 2 February 2003 Journal of Pain and Symptom Management)
2. 氢吗啡酮的镇痛功效和治疗方案对耐药性和μ阿片受体调节的影响点击下载
Hydromorphone efficacy and treatment protocol impact on tolerance and μ-opioid receptor regulation
Priyank Kumar,et al. (Eur J Pharmacol. 2008 November 12; 597(1-3): 39–45)
3. 高浓度的布比卡因配伍氢吗啡酮、吗啡、芬太尼的物理兼容性比较点击下载
Physical Compatibility of High-Concentration Bupivacaine with Hydromorphone, Morphine, and Fentanyl
Ronald F Donnelly,et al. (CJHP – Vol. 63, No. 2 – March–April 2010)
4. 其它阿片类药无效的晚期癌症患者转换为持续胃肠外氢吗啡酮的效果 点击下载
Efficacy of opioid rotation to continuous parenteral hydromorphone in advanced cancer patients failing on other opioids
Wendy H. Oldenmenger & Paul J Lieverse,et al. (Support Care Cancer (2012) 20:1639–1647)
5. 吗啡和氢化吗啡酮在患者自控镇痛应用中多方面的比较 点击下载
A Multidimensional Comparison of Morphine and Hydromorphone Patient-Controlled Analgesia
Suzanne E. Rapp,et al. (Anesth Analg 1996;82:1043-8)
6. 氢吗啡酮与吗啡持续皮下注射的临床对照试验点击下载
Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion of Morphine vs. Hydromorphone: A Controlled Trial
Mary G. Miller, MB, MRCP (Ireland),et al. (Vol. 18 No. 1 July 1999 Journal of Pain and Symptom Management)
7. 一项经鼻给予氢吗啡酮处理外伤后急性疼痛的多中心、开放性、剂量探索性试验点击下载
A Multicenter,Open-Label,Exploratory Dose-Ranging Trial of Intranasal Hydromorphone for Managing Acute Pain from
Traumatic Injury
Daniel P. Wermeling,et al. (The Journal of Pain, Vol 11, No 1 (January), 2010: pp 24-31)
8. 氢吗啡酮:在癌症患者镇痛中的药理学作用和临床应用点击下载
Hydromorphone: pharmacology and clinical applications in cancer patients

Nabeel Sarhill,et al. (Support Care Cancer (2001) 9 :84–96)