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      In 2019, Congress of Chinese  Association of Anesthesiologists will grandly open. Recalling the past, since the establishment of CAA in 2005, under the leadership of Fomer Presidents, and with the efforts of all of you,  CAA has grown from zero to one of the most important anesthesiology academic organization of anesthesiology. CAA is considered a warm and friendly home by anesthesiologists around our country and is elected as excellent specialist branch of the Chinese Medical Association. Today, Current President of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Professor Yanling Zhang believes that the quality of a hospital can be represented by the quality of its anesthesiology department. The quality of a nation's health care  can be represented by the quality of its anesthesiology discipline. We are delighted to see that under the leadership of the previous Presidents, CAA has continued to inherit good tradition and push for innovation, especially under the leadership of the Current President,Professor Weidong Mi. Focusing on talent cultivation, we have spared no effort in grassroots development, together with unique in the field of professional humanities. We are unprecedented in the anesthesia science and harmonious in the atmosphere of the association. We have added a beautiful landscape to the national anesthesia community. Faced with new opportunities and challenges in the development of anesthesia, How to overcome difficulties and continue to grow up is still worthy of CAA's attention. In this regard, let us wish that the 2019 Congress of Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists a complete success. We also wish a booming development of the Chinese Anesthesia Discipline in the future!

面对麻醉学科发展中新的机遇和挑战,如何迎难而上、健康发展仍然值得我们大家去关注和思考。2019年1月18日,Anesthesia & Analgesia期刊(简称A&A)主编Jean-Francois Pittet教授应邀来到北京,就中美学科发展与中国麻醉医生们进行了学术交流,并与黄宇光教授就中美麻醉发展现状、麻醉药品管理、职业倦怠与麻醉药物滥用、人才培养、A&A中文版以及中国学者论文发表等多个话题进行了交流,在此将部分内容与大家分享。